ROSSINI MOTORSPORTS SEMI-FIT  LEATHERETTE CAR SEAT COVERS *TRADE MARKS REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE UK00003052556ROSSINI MOTORSPORTS IS NEW BRAND REGISTERED WORLDWIDEDesigned and Finished in England and sold WorldwideAll pictures and description in this listing is Copyright.*THIS IS A COPYRIGHT DESIGN - PATENT PENDING*Semi-fit size - suitable for a the above modelOur Rossini Motorsports seat covers are semi-fitting in a PVC leatherette fabric, and are suitable for most cars. The pack contains 2 front seat covers and a standard rear seat cover, which comprise of one base and one top section.A patented design which is a perfect blend of looks , elegance and protection for your car's interior. All our covers are air-bag compatible.We use a stretch fabric on the back of the covers, so the entire seat is covered in one go.A) Surface fabric is a mixture of  Orange and black Leatherette.B) Foam lining, which is to BS standard. FR tested (fr means fire retardant)*This seat cover has been designed by one of our in-house Italian designer, Cermelita.We thank her for the creative input in the development of our new product.                           *                            Description of product: Semi fit  (will stretch to fit)COMPLETE FULL SET:* 2 Front Seat Covers, Fully air bag compatible * Full Complete Rear Seat - (This is made as a two piece standard rear i.e. one for the complete base and one for the complete top section)* 5 Matching Headrest Covers THIS IS A FULL COMPLETE SET*Safety Features:Our seat covers are compatible with seats which have airbags and the system that we have used is weakened stitch technologyEach seat covers has a special manufacturer air bag label.The strength / length / distance  of each stitch thread is calibrated so that the side of the seat cover will tear in the event of the air bag exploding.   this set is a unique automotive design and is exclusive to usColour:   RED AND BLACK LEATHERETTE*Washing Instructions: HAND WASH  OR WIPE DOWN ONLY*Protection:    This seat cover will protect your original seat especially if you have a light grey interior and will save it from dirt, dust, water stains etc, and as a matter of interest also enhances the  appearance of the seats.The stretch fabric goes right down the back of the chair as well,see pics. Important please read  In case of a damaged/ faulty item (because mistakes do happen or occur) we will certainly refund or offer you an exchange for the product and also refund the return postage.  * - UK designed product (feel free to visit the factory and see our production facility)- UK tested product  (100 percent)- More than 34 years of Automotive Experience- Est 1983. (we do not just sell products but we actually manufacture.... we are manufacturers) - Exceeding customer expectations and Continual Improvement are the core company values.- Close supervision over entire production cycle ( i.e strict quality control), this ensures that you get a flawless item.- Friendly and experienced sales staff. We are always eager to help our customer.*Postage cost for above post codes will be £10.50*CHANNEL ISLANDS INCLUDING GUERNSEY, JERSEY  £20.00( We have tried to give you a list of most common post codes with higher postage. Please contact us to confirm the postage to your postcode)POSTAGE & PACKAGING COST OUT SIDE UK-FRANCE   GERMANY  BELGIUM   LUXEMBOURG   NETHERLANDS   : £14AUSTRIA   DENMARK   SWITZERLAND  : £16FINLAND   ESTONIA   HUNGARY   POLAND   PORTUGAL   SWEDEN: £27CZECH REPUBLIC   SLOVAKIA   ITALY   SPAIN  : £18BOSNIA  BULGARIA  CROATIA  GREECE  ICELAND  LATVIA:  £37NORWAY: £62MALTA - BETWEEN: £82- £97AUSTRALIA - BETWEEN: £102 -£120ISRAEL: £102DISPATCH TIME -  3 WORKING DAYS AFTER PAYMENT.*PAYMENT METHOD - PayPal, cash, cheque, debit card, credit card.Please note if you select to pay by debit/ credit card, please ring our office and arrange for the payment.*collection is fine........but please buy on the item first*WE ALSO CAN OFFER YOU THE FOLLOWING -* COMPLETE RANGE OF SOFT ITALIAN STEERING WHEEL COVERS* NOW AVAILABLE  FITTED CAR MATS IN CARPET AND RUBBER.* GREAT SELECTION OF  DESIGNER RUBBER / PVC / METTALIC FLOOR MATS.* SEAT COVERS FOR CARS / TAXIES / JEEPS.......PLEASE TAKE A LOOK IN OUR SHOP...AND BUY MORE THAN 1 ITEM SAVE ON THE  PP COSTS*VAT REGISTRATION NUMBERS: UK 876 1973 74

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