• 1817 Metz IGERET HAPURIM אגרת הפורים for Purim    Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile

1817 Metz IGERET HAPURIM ???? ?????? for Purim Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile
  1817 Metz IGERET HAPURIM אגרת הפורים for Purim  LANGUAGE: HEBREWNew Book, bound in English Buckram, A Renaissance Hebraica FacsimileThis volume contains the liturgy for Purim, including the order of prayers and the text of Megilat Esther and Tikun Sofrim on the Megillah (masoretical annotations). Also included is a piyut (liturgical poem) called Krovetz le-Purim with an explanation by Moshe ben Israel Bidingan. Renaissance Hebraica was founded in the 1980s and quickly became synonymous with high quality facsimiles of rare Hebraica. The quality of the facsimiles are astounding, bound in English Buckram, printed on 70lb archival quality parchment-like paper and gold stamped spines, all handcrafted, the facsimiles are attractive and practical. All books are of a limited edition, on the average only under 15 copies were printed of each title. The titles range from incunabula and first printings of classics to obscure books never before reprinted. The vast majority of the over 1400 titles are in Hebrew though Ladino, Yiddish and the Latin languages are represented as well. For those of you interested in liturgy, the selection of different Liturgical customs is astounding, and Haggadah collectors will be able now to get the closest thing to the originals to such Haggadot such as the Prague and Guadalajara Haggadot. Lovers of responsa will be impressed with the selection of early responsa represented as well. Renaissance Hebraica is no longer in operation, and the volumes being offered here are in all likelihood, the last ones to ever be offered for sale."A facsimile edition is the photo-mechanical reproduction of a unique, practically two-dimensional model; it eliminates as much as possible manual copy work, reflects to the highest degree the inner and outer aspects of the original, incorporates all possible technical means available, garantees the protection and preservation of the original, and is suitable for both scientific and artistic interests. A facsimile must act as a true surrogate of the original for research purposes and bibliophiles." The advantages of a Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile: Having an exact reproduction of an original printing, gives you an insight in to a printed work that a reprint can not give over. Looking at the original text and layout of an original printing, including the introductions, approbations, printing format and layout as they were first published gives you a look in to what the book was like for it's first readers and in the setting in history of the printing. Unfortunately, recent editions, more often than not, "improve" the original text, and remove sections that the publishers feel are no longer relevant, but to the author may have been vital. Nothing beats the original text in the original format to perceive the original feeling the book was intended to convey when first published. Being that early printed works can be rather pricey and the paper often fragile and not capable of regular use, the Renaissance Hebraica Facsimiles offer the best opportunity to be able to build a library of enjoyable and useable Hebrew works. Libraries can safely lend out the facsimiles, without having to worry about the books being stolen or damaged, as the facsimiles are of the highest qualities and made to last and endure heavy use. We have over 50,000 Jewish Books in Stock, please make sure to check out our Our Store  Questions, comments, Requests?OUR STORE NUMBER IS 347-492-6508 Orders can be processed over the phone as wellOur storefront location is at Mizrahi Book Store  3114 Quentin Rd  Brooklyn NY 11234Visitors are welcome by Appointment COMBINED SHIPPING DISCOUNTS: There is $3 off each additional item paid for and shipped together, which makes the shipping just .99 for almost all additional items. Please note that purchases must be paid for at once, not individually to qualify for the discount. If you plan on bidding on additional items, please hold off payment until done purchasing. This discount should be deducted automatically, please contact us if for some reason it does not. 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1817 Metz IGERET HAPURIM אגרת הפורים for Purim Renaissance Hebraica Facsimile

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